Story on Past Relationships

City: Los Angeles

Industry: Fashion/Entrepreneur

We pretended we didn't know each other. Ridiculous, right?

My best friend used to work at this juice bar, and I used to go to in the mornings before work to get my shake and say hi to her. I also go to yoga next door. Needless to say, this is my spot. One day my friend calls when I'm getting off work and she's like, “Your ex-girlfriend works at the juice bar now, she just had her first day.”

My jaw drops. I'm like what the fuck I thought she was in Italy???? And out of all the juice bars in LA it had to be this one????

I attempted to reach out to my ex and reach neutral ground, but she wasn't having it. So began eight months of running into each other, pretending we didn't know each other. Sides were created at the juice bar, stories told to employees, confrontations happened. Lots of hilarious stories were formed. I mean, pretending we don't know each other? Ridiculous, right?

So I wrote a script proposal. A queer story about women of color is so needed. I thought it was genius, like, why else would the universe make this situation happen? I dropped it off for her to read. It didn't go well. Along with her not liking the idea she threatened me with some pretty unkind words and actions.

I left the juice bar but now she's at my yoga studio. Her and her new girlfriend are avid yogis there and so am I. Ya know, just a couple of girls doing downward dog acting like nothing is going on, when there is a lot of shit going on. I don't have an ending for you because, over a year later, the saga is still continuing... Maybe you'll see it on Netflix one day.