Story on Masturbation

City: Los Angeles

Industry: Marketing

Ladies have the power to fulfill sexual needs.

I suffered from extreme insomnia (a word I don't use loosely) for nearly five years. I became an entirely warped version of myself, consistently exhausted, anxious, helpless. There was a point in time when I didn't sleep for two weeks straight in college. Not one damn wink. 

I met with countless doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists, all who gave me useless techniques to put my mind at ease. Meditation, hypnotism, EMDR therapy, you frickin' name it. I wanted to kick and scream every time someone told me to chill out and meditate. When in incredibly dire straits, I realized I had to help myself. This was when I discovered the power of masturbation.

There has been no other holistic supplement or drug to match the satisfaction and relaxation I get from masturbating before bed. I have a boyfriend too, but at the end of the day he's not what I need. I need myself. I feel empowered, in control of my anxiety. I would have been too modest to discuss this publicly just a few years ago, but now I make this a focal point in every feminist conversation I have.

Ladies, you have the power to fulfill your sexual needs. Shamelessly own it. And, trust me, it'll be a better orgasm than anything you've experienced elsewhere. You may even have the best night's sleep of your life.