Story on Community

City: Los Angeles

Industry: Fashion/Entrepreneur

I had mom friends, but I’d never had a tribe in LA.

As a mom in a big city like LA, you would think it would be easy to meet other mom friends and find your tribe – but we’re juggling kids, businesses, and Los Angeles being such a wide-spread city. It takes me an hour to get anywhere really, especially living in Topanga Canyon.

It’s easy to feel lonely when you’re just around a little person all the time. It’s great and so rewarding, but I really missed adulting sometimes (ie. having wine with my girlfriends). Although I had some mom friends, I’d never had a tribe here in LA (mom or not). I’m also a single mom so the only adult time I get is usually with clients, or the rare time I get with friends.

Then I found out about Fashion Mamas. I applied because I thought it would be good for my business; I got accepted and it was and continues to be. I also quickly learned it’s so much more than just networking. I’ve met some of my best mama friends there and, more than that, the group plans so many outings and speaking events. It’s really the only time I’ve been in a group setting with this many women on so many different occasions.  

For Coachella this year there was a “Mamachella” event they threw in Palm Springs. I took a road trip out to the desert with one of my new best friends from Fashion Mamas, my son and her three kids. We rented a house with three other single moms and their kids. We cooked food together, did photo shoots, drank wine, and slumbered. We went to Mamachella together then took the kids out to Pappy and Harriett’s for dinner. The kids got on stage and pretended to have a band. It was an incredible feeling; it all just felt so right.

To feel accepted, to have things in common with these women, and to be able to spend time together, whether it be with our little ones or not – nothing can compare to that. I felt very alone in LA (Topanga, single mom, entrepreneur) but when I took time to search a little, I found my tribe, and that tribe has made me feel stronger than ever.