Story on Confrontation

City: Sydney

Industry: Digital Agency

He asked me if I was pregnant. I was not.

I was at the New School Museum in NYC checking out an exhibition with a couple of friends. After we finished, both friends went downstairs to the bathroom while I stood waiting in the cafe. "Are you pregnant?" A man asked from the other side of the table.

"No, I'm not," I responded.

"Well, you should really change your sweater then." I looked down at my size XS, cactus green crew neck sweatshirt that happened to be my favorite sweatshirt at the time. I froze. Did that really just happen? I felt the heat gather within this “maternity” sweatshirt of mine. I wasn't going to let this one go. I glared at him with that angry mother face every child is terrified of.

"It's just a joke. Can't you take a joke?" He said.

I looked around at the other people in the cafe, "Did you all think it was a joke too?" A few people looked at me shaking their heads. Nope, they did not think it was funny. No woman should deal with bullshit like this, so I acted quickly. "That was single handedly the most rude – NO, do NOT interrupt me – the most rude thing anyone has EVER said to me. No, I do not care what you have to say. NEVER EVER ask a woman if she is pregnant. Have a good night sir!"

I walked away shaking with anger. As I climbed down the stairs I held on tightly to the railing, making sure I landed on each stair, as all my emotions hit me at once. My friends came out of the bathroom to see me crying.

It's been three and a half years and I still wouldn't change my response or reaction. My objective was to shut him down, embarrass him so he would NEVER think to do this to another woman again. My emotions fueled me; I delivered my message from the heart. I stood up for myself and for future women who should never experience a traumatizing situation like this one. And I’m proud of that.