Story on Getting Unstuck

City: Los Angeles

Industry: Entertainment

I bought a one-man tent on Amazon and trekked deep into the Nevada desert.

Five years ago, I was working at a grueling job and was tired, lonely, and stuck. I started emailing 10 companies a day in faraway places wanting to start fresh. Berlin was top of my list.

I started dating a guy I was really into. He asked me to go to Burning Man with him and said all I needed was a ticket. A week before Burning Man, the guy told me their RV didn’t have space for me. Determined to still go, I bought a one-man tent on Amazon and trekked deep into the Nevada desert.

Burning Man was MAGICAL. I met up with the guy I was seeing a day into it and we had an awesome time together until about two days before Burning Man ended… We got separated and I couldn’t find him again.

On the way to the Reno airport the next morning I turned on my phone and had an email congratulating me that I got a position in Berlin that started that month. YAY.

Once I got to the airport – dusty and starting – I went directly to McDonalds and ordered half the menu. “I think you missed something.” I turned around to a cute guy also covered in dust. We chat and he convinces me to take a tequila shot with him.

Back in LA, I heard from the guy I was seeing – Burning Man made him realize he’s not into women. Two days later, I moved to Berlin.

A year later, I was back in LA visiting friends at a pool party and found myself standing next to the tequila guy from the airport! We’ve been dating for almost four years now and I’m back in LA.

It took a few years but taking action, listening to my intuition, and letting go got me “unstuck.” Maybe feeling stuck is just the first chapter in an exhilarating journey.