Story on Using Your Voice

City: Los Angeles

Industry: Tech

I felt that it was a bit sexist and he just gave me a smirk and an eye-roll.

I was working as a UX designer at a company that was largely dominated by men and was overseeing the design of our iOS app. Our CEO wanted to collect user emails in a way the team didn’t agree with because it was super shady.

To back our case I reviewed Apple’s guidelines, found that we were breaking their rules after all, and told our project manager about it. He emailed the higher-ups citing a third-party developer (a dude) for the discovery instead of me. I asked why he did this and he said “If it comes from him they might actually let us change it.”

I privately told him I felt it was a bit sexist and he just gave me a smirk and an eye-roll, saying, “What? Do you want me to email everyone again saying you said it?”

No, I just wanted him to understand why I had issues with what he did but he couldn’t see the bigger picture. I talked to my boss about it over email but didn’t press it much further.

Overall, I’m glad I spoke up but, unfortunately, still left feeling that it only made me look worse than if I had said nothing at all. In the end, our suggested change was made to the app.