origin: SANSKRIT

  1. Source of all life,

  2. Sacred space,

  3. Female genitalia

Yoni Circle is a platform for those that identify as a woman, for their communities, their brands, their businesses, and most importantly their souls. Today, we host events once a week that bring women together to connect in a more authentic way.

Summer 2018 we will launch our digital platform which will mirror our in-person events and bring women together to share, inspire and connect online. 



We create things for the women of today who will transform tomorrow.


Chloë Drimal

Chloë is the founder of Yoni Circle, a social media platform for women that's currently in development. Before that she was at Snap Inc. for 4 1/2 years where she was integral in the creation of the Our Story product as well as the creation of their Women's Group. Chloë will be hosting Yoni Circles and is here to help you connect with other great women! 


Sandy Nguyen

Sandy is a commercial finance manager at 72andSunny, a full-service creative agency, and dabbles in UI/UX on nights and weekends (she's helping Chloë design Yoni Circle). Her passions include helping women experience their feminist awakening, her two cats, crafting, and photography.  


Want to meet the team?

E-mail chloe@yonicircle.com


Want to meet the team?